Since the best things in life are FREE... I want to share free resources with you all! For the first official RWS #freefriday, I'm sharing something with you that I could NOT live without: a printable content calendar. It includes all the popular social media "holidays," trending monthly hashtags, and space to write your own hashtags specific to your brand.

Before I create a content calendar for any of my clients, I start with these things. It makes it SO much easier to fill in the calendar with unique content each month. It can be difficult coming up with daily content, so I hope this content calendar helps you too during these busy summer months to come!

If you are still having trouble coming up with content, I can help! I create similar content calendars for my clients with post ideas for each day of the month as well as a complete list of hashtags for their brand. Upon request, I also make cohesive sets of graphics that correspond to the content calendar. If this is something of interest to you, contact me!

Summer 2017 Content Calendar by RWS.jpg